Top 3 Ways To Get Big Body Structure & Shape Growth

Hello Everyone, in this blog I’ll share with you some tips, how to build a perfect body when you are beginners and find some tips for a home workout in lockdown or quarantine days.

First of all, Make a Schedule in Which you Have to do:

  1. Jumping Jacks (50 reps).
  2. Cross Twisting (50 reps).
  3. High Knees (50 reps).
  4. Elbow Rotation(clockwise and anti clockwise) (40 reps).

PUSH UPS (12 reps x 4 Sets Each Exercise)

  1. Push-ups (Normal push-ups).
  2. Bench push-ups (Put your feet on a bench or table).
  3. Wall push-ups (Put your feet against the wall and look downward make a 45-degree angle).

    Note : (This will help to grow your shoulder muscles and gives you a perfect chest shape).

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CHIN UPS (12 Reps x 4 Sets Each Exercise)

  1. Normal chin-ups just hang up against a rod or any high surface hold up for 2 secs.
  2. Close grip chin-ups.

LEGS (20 Reps x 3 Sets for First 2 Weeks)

  1. Free squats (20 x 3).
  2. Wide legs squat (20 x 3).
  3. Lunges (20 x 3).

You can get some more information or some tips for fitness in quarantine days. You can follow meaniketsharma for some more steps.

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