The Different Types of Facial Saunas

There are different types of facial saunas to choose from. Based on your wishes and requirements, you can compare the various types that we list for you below. This way you can buy the best facial sauna for your situation.

Facial Sauna for Aromatherapy

Because a facial sauna opens the pores of your facial skin, you can also opt for aromatherapy in addition to deep cleansing of your skin. Each aroma has its own special properties. For example, mint helps with a stuffy nose, chamomile and lavender relax and eucalyptus invigorates the body and mind.

Often an extra mouth/nose attachment is supplied with your facial sauna. This allows you to enjoy the beneficial effects of essential oils and herbs. The aromas are spread with the steam. You can add your own favorite scents to the water or apply it to a cotton pad that can be placed in the appliance.

Sometimes aroma sachets are included with the facial sauna. These sachets contain aromas that are easy to place in the facial sauna. These are often combinations of herbs that have a relaxing, refreshing, or calming effect, for example. Learn more about facial steam

Facial Sauna with ion Function

If you opt for a facial sauna with ion function, you can count on a thorough cleaning and hydration of your skin due to the effect of the ions. You can also switch off the ion function so that you only use the water vapor function.

Why Not Just Steam it Over Hot Water?

In principle, a facial sauna does the same as when you steam over hot water: it opens the pores of your facial skin. This ensures thorough cleaning of the skin. In addition, steaming stimulates the blood circulation in your cells. As a result, these divide themselves faster and thus the natural beauty of your skin comes into its own.

Still, there is a difference between a facial sauna and a bowl of hot water. The facial sauna is precisely made to put your face in. The fit is very comfortable and the distance to the stream source is just right. That is the big advantage of a facial sauna compared to steaming yourself over hot water. With of course the extra options that a facial sauna can offer that you do not have with the more primitive variant.

It is up to you to decide whether you want to pay around 30 to 55 euros for this benefit or whether you prefer to stick to the old-fashioned method.

The Choice for the Best Facial Sauna

And do you already know what the best facial sauna for you against acne or other impurities is? To do this, you first need to know which type you want: a regular model, one suitable for aromatherapy, or a variant with ion function.

Do you want one with a lot of power or don’t you care that you have to wait a little longer for your steam? Do you think automatic turning is a safe idea? Is a timer useful? And what about adjustable steam output?

If you answer these questions, you can buy the best facial sauna for your situation. As with all devices, facial saunas become more expensive if they have more advanced options or more power.

Facial Sauna of the Future

The ion function is a fairly new technique that has been added to the regular function of the device. These kinds of innovations are the future of facial saunas. Many more new features and groundbreaking technologies will be added to the models in the coming years.

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