You don’t have to worry being an eco-friendly person is not a difficult task but it is way easier and healthy for you as well. If you know someone who is far from you then you can always get flower delivery to Bangalore.

Being eco-friendly is the new way of life and you are going to witness sit in this blog as well, so here are how you can be eco-friendly:


Learn to turn off the appliances and the lights when they are not in use in this way you are saving on the electricity bills as well and the environment will be saved by this attempt too, this is not a hard job, you just have to be a little aware about what you are doing.

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Now you could always go for recycling whether it may be plastic, glass, metal or cloth. You just have to watch one of these DIY tutorials and you will have a way of recycling what you have and turning into something new and impressive and your friends are going to be impressed with your creativity as well.


Just compost the food rather throwing it off by this you will be eliminating the emission of the methane gas as well as when the food will go to the landfill it will just be composted anaerobically but when it reaches the compost it will not have any problem with the environment and it will act as a natural fertilizer and will keep your garden greener.


Yes, you can always go for this one. If you are a beginner then choose a succulent to grow otherwise there are a variety of plants and flowering plants that you can go for, you can always go for them. the succulents don’t require a lot of attention but some plants will surely require a lot of attention and this will be a perfect choice for you. You can always approach the best florists in Bangalore & online flower delivery in Delhi to know more.


That is true! The plastic is just everywhere and it is just really hard for us to break down you can always find methods to replace the plastic you have in your life with other alternatives, you can always choose the cloth over the plastic bags you are going for and the metallic flasks which are again recyclable instead of the other plastic bottles that you are choosing.


Make the amount of food that you would need but just do not waste the food as there might be someone who needs it. If you ever are left with the extra food then you can always give it to the homeless packed in a box in this way you will be feeding it to others rather than wasting the food.


If you have a cycle or you can make the short distance journey by foot you can always choose to not go by the car as this will provide you much more comfort than the other methods that are there. You can always make their short distance by food and the long ones by car. In this way you will be saving on a lot of energy and fuel and in turn you will just save on your expenses as well.


You can always use that extra space in your backyard to grow some vegetables or a fruit of your choice, this is just perfect. You can just save some money as well and at first few tries, you might make some mistakes but eventually, it will all be all right. All you have to do is just buy some seeds and know about the ways of growing and you will be good to go.

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When it comes to the conventional oven one does not know how much energy it is bound to consume so it is always better to use a microwave and you can cook a lot more things in the microwave then you can think about just getting a microwave and exploring more.

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