We at “” believe that guest blogging is essential to make this a community blog. A platform where amateurs and experts can share their views and experiences and thereby, help the community as a whole.

We are in search of people who have a passion for health and beauty and a flair for writing. At “”, we’re looking to produce more high-quality, educational content that keeps the audience engaged and provides in-depth knowledge about overall wellbeing. If that’s what you foresee yourself doing, you are the perfect fit for HairandBeautyTips Guest Blogging!

HairandBeautyTips basically started with a vision to speared knowledge all over the world. Besides, I like to look at different points of view and let people share their previous experiences and how they triumphed over life and obstacles in the company – that’s why I take guest posts.

We accept Sponsored Guest Post on our website. We cover a wide range of topics. You may go to our categories page to get the full list of topics for better understanding. We also welcome your suggestions.

Please submit your blog on Doctors, Fitness, Hair Care, Beauty Care, Hospitals, Clinics, Skincare, Lifestyle, Beauty, Personal Care, Health, and more. at We will publish your blog after review and it may take a few days. You will be notified when your blog is published.

You can submit a Guest Post if your Brand/Product/Website you are promoting falls under any of this category:

  • Baby Care
  • Business
  • Beauty
  • Clinics
  • Fitness
  • Health
  • Hair Care
  • Hospitals
  • Lifestyle
  • Skin Care

How to Guest Post?

Guest Blogging at is pretty simple because it uses Blogger functionality to track guest articles. Also, posting via Blogger gives you the ability to use Blogger’s advanced editing features.

Guest Posting Guidelines

Here are some basic guidelines you need to follow:

The post should be a minimum of 1000 words long.

The post should be relevant to the blog i.e. they should stick to the niche topics of this Blog – Study our blog and submit articles that will be of importance to our reader base.

The post must be original and you agree not to post it somewhere else.

If the images being used are under a certain license, then you should give it an Image credit by linking it to the source.

Fill in your Bio with not more than 2 links.

Feel free to contact us if you are eligible for a Sponsored Guest Post. We usually respond with 24 hours.

Please Submit Your Blog in the Following Format:

  1. Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Title
  4. Description (Unique at least 1000 words, Only one outbound link allow in description)

Thanks for taking an interest!


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