Fresh, Natural Ingredients For Hair Treatments Perfect For Your Home Hair Care Routine

As a hair and beauty school with a firm foundation in several South Asian countries, at the Institute of Hairdressers and Beauticians – India (IHB India), we’ve more recently begun to go back to our Indian subcontinental roots in terms of hair care and beauty routines.

With an incredibly rich history of natural ingredients used, especially in Ayurvedic medicine, our ancestors have used everything from turmeric, and aloe vera, to pepper for several thousand years at least. There is now increasing consensus within the scientific community as well as the hair, beauty, and cosmetics industries, about the scientific validity of these long-used elixirs of health, hair, and beauty.

As a hairdressing expert with a deep passion for natural and alternative treatments, I will introduce a number of age-old natural ingredients for hair care in this article. You can use them without a worry in your home hair care routine as they are gentle yet effective. Trust us, they will go a long way in helping you look and feel beautiful!

Turmeric: Referred to as the Golden Spice, the health and beauty benefits of turmeric have been known for several millennia. Turmeric root when ground up or in dried powdered form can be used in natural hair treatments to prevent everything from hair loss and dandruff, plus to ensure a healthy scalp. Turmeric mixed with milk and honey can be gently massaged onto the scalp as a treatment for hair loss. Or a mask of turmeric and egg yolk can be applied to hair, left on for a while, and washed off, to improve hair texture and shine.

Pepper: Commonly used in the West as a spice and flavoring ingredient, the hair health benefits of pepper are often unknown outside the subcontinent. Black pepper when included in your hair routine, is known to aid everything from premature greying and hair fall to improving natural hair luster. A common treatment for greying of hair prematurely involves the use of a mix of black pepper and curd. The mixture is to be massaged onto the scalp and applied through hair, left on for an hour, and rinsed with shampoo and conditioner. The effects over time will be significant. A natural reverser of grey hair!

Aloe Vera: The gel-like substance found inside of the thick leaves of the aloe vera plant has long been used in our part of the world to strengthen hair and ensure proper scalp health. The raw gel of the plant when scooped from freshly cut aloe vera leaves, can be applied onto hair and scalp and it washes off easily. The high vitamin content in aloe vera is known to promote stronger hair follicles. It is super easy to use! Just rub the raw aloe vera gel on your scalp and hair, allowing it to penetrate deep inside for about an hour, before washing it off with shampoo. Apart from stronger hair, it is also known to promote hair growth.

Coconut Milk: The milk obtained by mixing fresh coconut flesh with water and straining it, is referred to as a ‘miracle liquid’ by many. Coconut milk is often recommended as a scalp tonic to help restore dry, damaged hair and scalp. Easily available in our part of the world, the milk obtained from fresh coconuts is to be gently massaged onto the hair and scalp for several minutes, before being covered with a hot towel. It is known to particularly aid dry, brittle hair as well as split ends.

Indian Gooseberry: More popularly known as amla across India, the Indian Gooseberry has been used since ancient times and carries numerous benefits for healthy hair. It can be used in its raw or powdered form and is known to improve hair color, treat dandruff, and thicken hair, among a whole host of other benefits. The fruit is commonly used in henna products, to offer a natural boost to hair color. You can extract the juice from fresh fruits and apply it onto hair, leave it on for a while, before washing it off. It will aid in restoring your natural hair color.

Onion: Although primarily known for its culinary use and strong odor, onion in the form of juice is known to stimulate and nourish the scalp plus enhance hair growth. All you need to do is extract the onion juice using a muslin cloth after blending the onion mixture. Apply the onion juice onto your scalp and massage it for around 10 minutes or so, leave it on for an equal or greater amount of time, and then rinse it with cold water and shampoo. A healthier scalp is guaranteed with regular use!

Avocado: Not only is avocado delicious, but it is super nourishing plus hydrating and is often used to rejuvenate dull and dry hair. Make a mixture using avocado, olive oil, and milk, forming a paste-like consistency. Apply this hair mask onto your hair right from the root to the tip, cover your hair with a towel or shower cap, leave it on for 15 minutes or so, and rinse it fully from your hair. When continued over a period of time, avocado will help add life to your hair, moisturize it, make it shinier, and prevent hair damage, among a range of other hair benefits!

The natural ingredients listed above are easy to find, and the treatments suggested are easy to try out right at home. The key is to figure out what works for your hair type and condition, and not to use all these ingredients and remedies at once. Also, it is important that these treatments are continued for a period of time, in order to notice and receive the best results possible.

I say, have fun trying out all these ingredients! They’re natural, gentle, and kind to your hair. At IHB India, we’re all about teaching new methods to our students and professionals on ensuring healthy, beautiful hair. Pick one of these ingredients and treatment and do some more research on it on your own. And, reach out to us if you’d like to ask us anything at all about this article or anything else.

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