Does Money Buy Happiness?

Does Money Buy Happiness?

Everybody is gonna tell you NO, but you should trust those who have it ‘The RICH’. Will they ever give up all their money? NO! Why not? They love money, money doesn’t love them back, money isn’t loyal but still they love it. Why? Why everyone wants money yet when they get it they are like NO it’s no Good, it doesn’t bring happiness but you go to the Poor and he is gonna tell you Money will bring happiness. You know why? Because he has never been out with his family on a trip to northern areas, he has never dined in a fancy restaurant, he has never been able to take his kids to an amusement park, he doesn’t know the tastes of expensive fruits, he can’t buy new clothes for him, he doesn’t own house, her wife don’t know what is the meaning of gifts because the only gift a poor woman gets is a new born baby. They wanna provide everything to kid yet they are always short of money. So for the poor, money is important to bring these little joys and cherish few moments but for ‘The RICH’ all these things are normal. Man who born poor, struggle hard, work honestly and earn money, will never say it doesn’t bring happiness but when you are the son of rich father, you may say money doesn’t bring happiness because you haven’t lived without it. All those normal things were somebody’s lifelong desires. Money does bring happiness, it just doesn’t solve all the problems. Some problems actually require solution other than money, the solution may be trustworthy friends, a good life partner, supportive parents or people you can share silence with or the ones to whom u can speak your heart out but money has his own importance and can’t be denied. It’s only when we tell our self half truth that money is the only solution to current miseries is when we continue to suffer even after we get it. We should teach the importance of money without undermining the importance of other things in life.

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  1. This year began for us with a total disaster. Our house was burned down and we literally lost everything. We wish for nothing more but to be able to live back in a place where we have spent the last 50 years together.
    We are with a verified charity:
    Thank you for your support. Barbara.

  1. June 28, 2020

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