Clean Beauty: The Non-Toxic Way to Love Yourself

In order to comprehend the essence of beauty, we must first determine what beauty is. In short, beauty is another kind of love.

There are several beauty-forming theories, but none of these concepts relates to the central truth of what beauty is and why. Perhaps you will say that everything that touches your heart, including the ugliness in others’ eyes, is ‘beautiful.’

Let’s stick to something that serves as the simple truth of beauty. There are passion and beauty together. Yes, the other is generated by one. Love encourages beauty, and true love is motivated by beauty. These problems will build a deep sense of peace together.

The main reason we use beauty products is to provide our skin and body with the love and care it deserves. But most of the beauty products we use every day are laden with multiple harsh chemicals that do you more harm than good. This leads us to wonder how we can solve our beauty issues in a way that doesn’t harm us. Enter, Clean Beauty.

What is Clean Beauty?

Clean beauty is beauty at its heart, without sacrificing by putting on your skin harsh and poisonous ingredients. It includes being aware of what is on the label of an ingredient and selecting cosmetics that are in line with your expectations. The distinction comes down to the ingredients of standard beauty products and clean beauty products.

Clean beauty products, just to name a few, are free of potentially harmful components such as parabens, petrochemicals, and synthetic fragrances. They are made, responsibly sourced, and humanely tested, with non-toxic ingredients. Natural, toxin-free beauty, plain and simple, is clean beauty.

Importance of Clean Beauty

Now, knowing what clean beauty is, why are you expected to care? Many common makeup companies, after all, use synthetic ingredients in their products and potentially harmful ingredients. What’s the big deal, then?

Some groups in the cosmetic industry claim that the chemicals in their products are in such small quantities that they are not harmful. However, a different tale can be told by persistent low-level exposure to these chemicals.

One concern is that we lack comprehensive studies on the impacts of prolonged exposure, such as for someone who every morning puts on a full face of makeup.

We don’t know how many of these dangerous ingredients will find their way into our bodies is another issue. A lot of people are under the misguided belief that skin is an impenetrable chemical barrier. However, several chemicals can and do absorb into the bloodstream through the skin, according to an FDA study on the effects of chemical sunscreens.

Research on the health effects of many other chemicals allowed in cosmetics is ongoing, including:

Petrochemical Substances
Synthetic scents
Synthetic dyes
Synthetics Fillers

If found harmful, the respective authorities will call for its ban and the cosmetic brands will stop using it but why risk it in the first place when you have a perfectly adequate alternative to opt for.

How to Get Started?

Where do you start, with so many products out there? You could be poring over ingredient labels for hours, but who’s got time for that? Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and dreary ordeal to find clean beauty products. There are plenty of clean cosmetics out there. Simply, you must know where to look.

1- Search for Which Product to Choose First

It goes on by looking for a bunch of items for some other brand you’re not sure about. Use products with natural components that soothe your skin. Your skin is not affected by these materials. Forest Essentials is a Clean Beauty brand which offers non-toxic products made from plant-based ingredients. They are free from parabens, phthalates and fragrances which can be harmful to the skin.

2- Check the List of Ingredients

The next step is to go through the list of ingredients. Compare the ingredients of the product with another one. Buy the one that always fits your skin. beminimalist is a clean beauty brand that lays a strong emphasis on transparency. This means they provide you with all the information regarding the ingredients in the products so you know exactly what you are getting. All their products are free from toxic chemicals and they solve all your skincare issues efficiently and affordable.

3- Start Slow

When starting with Clean Beauty, start by replacing one product at a time. In this manner, you can be aware of the effects of the products and if the ingredients suit you. Once you have figured if a product suits you then you can start building your entire skincare routine with only clean beauty products. Start with products you’d normally use on your face or hair.

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Clean beauty is not a question of being 100 % perfect. That implies that, indeed, man-made ingredients are clean as long as they are nutritious and non-toxic. This also means that clean beauty should not be all-natural, preservative-free, etc. Clean beauty and beauty that is non-toxic are synonymous.

Moving to clean beauty products focuses on eliminating as many toxins from our daily products as possible instead of relying on buzzwords such as “natural” and “organic.”

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