How To Make Beautiful And Natural Looking Waxed Flower

I am sure you have seen so many different kinds of flowers. You have ordered so many beautiful bouquets from Bloomsvilla. And also you have bought a flower bouquet from a florist in Bangalore, but have you ever made, yourself? Here I am not talking about drawing book flowers. I am talking about waxed flowers. If your answer is no, then you must go through this. Because today, you will learn how to make waxed flowers. Trust me, it is very easy to make, with few things. 

Materials Required

  • 12mm spun cotton eggs
  • 24 gauge of floral wire 
  • Wax melter
  • Styrofoam blocks
  • Beeswax sheet or small bits of beeswax
  • Crepe paper for making flower 

You can order online flowers for all these things if you don’t find any material in your nearby market. Online you will get everything.


First Step:

The first and very important thing. Always use a double boiler method to melt the wax, just like you do for melting chocolate. And wax should be of good quality. This one for those, who don’t have wax melters. Otherwise, it can be brittle, and it will destroy all your efforts, okay now let’s get started. 

The first part of the flower bud. So to make the bud, take the floral wire tip, and carefully dip it into white glue. And after that, you need to insert it.  It will be 12mm, spun cotton egg. After doing this process, leave it to be dry, so that we can dip it into the wax. That’s why it needs to be dry. 

Second Step:

In this step, you just need to melt the wax fully in the melter.  If you don’t have a wax melter use the double boiler method as I mentioned above. 

Third Step:

In this step, we will dip the buds into the wax, so do it very carefully. Because this step is a little tricky. When you will put the buds into wax, continually turn the buds till you remove it from the wax. And yes, don’t be panic if some drop of wax will come to the floor from the buds. It is totally normal. May you need to do this dipping process, if you feel a little dry or less wax on the bud. Because it is cotton spun, so it’s casual that it will absorb the wax. So don’t take any stress, if you feel a little dry. 

Fourth Step:

Now, this one is a totally fun step to do. You just need to take a piece of your floral wire. Now don’t do anything, just bend it on loop, that’s it. It will be your tool to give the shape of flowers. Now, you have to use your both hands carefully for this procedure. From one hand you will hold the floral wire on the loop position, and from another hand, you have to dip the crepe paper flower into the wax. And do it in a way or motion, or will scooping motion. Make sure, flowers should be coated with all the sides very well, and yes the center of the flower should be dipped very well. It is very important. 

Fifth Step:

With the help of that wire tool, which we make above. We will do the last step, but it is the main and very important step. You have to do it hurriedly but with patience. Now, you will open the petal of the flower, with the help wire tool which we made above. You have to release those areas which are dipped into the wax. But remember, you have to do it very calmly and with lots of patience. But at the same time quickly, otherwise, once it will dry, it will become hard. And after that, it’s very tough to give it a proper shape and separate it. You have to do this process when your wax starts to settle down. Now, after giving the shaped cup-shape or open wide, it’s up to you. You have to use styrofoam now. You just need to take the stem and stick the flower’s stem in this styrofoam. So after that, it will become harder, and also it will become cool also. And trust me, this flower look will not be less than fresh flower delivery in Pune.

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